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First letter T - streets in Winnipeg

Found 130 streets on letter T in Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada). List of streets You can see below this text:

Tache Avenue
Taft Crescent
Taggart Street
Tahoe Bay
Tain Bay
Tait Avenue
Talbot Avenue
Tallgrass Crescent
Tallman Street
Talon Bay
Tamarac Bay
Tamarind Drive
Tamblyn Road
Tamworth Bay
Tangle Ridge Crescent
Tanner Street
Tanoak Park Drive
Tansi Lane
Tanya Crescent
Tara Lee Cove
Taraska Bay
Tascona Road
Tatum Place
Taunus Drive
Taylor Avenue
Teakwood Avenue
Tecumseh Street
Telfer Street North
Telfer Street South
Temple Bay
Templeton Avenue
Tentler Street
Terracon Place
Tessler Bay
Thackeray Avenue
Thames Avenue
Thatcher Drive
The Bridle Path
The Glen
The Promenade
Theo.Nuytten Street
Thetford Place
Theydon Place
Thibault Street
Third Avenue
Thom Avenue East
Thom Avenue West
Thomas Avenue
Thomas Berry Street
Thompson Drive
Thorn Drive
Thornbury Crescent
Thorncliff Bay
Thorndale Avenue
Thornewood Avenue
Thornhill Bay
Thornton Avenue
Thunder Bay
Thurlby Road
Thurso Street
Thurso Street South
Thurston Bay
Tidal Cove
Tidewater Bay
Tilstone Bay
Timberline Drive
Timberwood Trail
Timmerman Place
Timmins Avenue
Timmins Place
Tinniswood Street
Tipton Court
Tissot Street
Tiverton Bay
Tod Drive
Togo Avenue
Tolcross Gate
Tom Quinn Place
Tomkins Bay
Tomlinson Avenue
Topaz Road
Toronto Street
Torrington Road
Torwood Crescent
Townsend Avenue
Tracy Crescent
Trafford Park
Traill Avenue
Tralee Place
Tranquil Bay
Tranquility Cove
Traverse Avenue
Traynor Bay
Treasure Cove
Treger Bay
Tremblay Street
Trent Avenue
Trieste Way
Trinity Street
Triton Bay
Trottier Bay
Trowbridge Bay
Troy Avenue
Trudell Bay
Trueman Street
Trueman Walk
Truro Street
Tudor Crescent
Tufnell Drive
Tulane Bay
Tulip Road
Tully Road
Tunbridge Bay
Tunis Bay
Tu-Pelo Avenue
Turcotte Cove
Turenne Street
Turnbull Drive
Turner Avenue
Turnham Drive
Tuxedo Avenue
Twain Drive
Tweed Avenue
Tweedsmuir Road
Twin Pine Road
Two Mile Road
Tylehurst Street
Tyndall Avenue
Tyne Avenue
Tyrone Bay